Pen and paper

A close kin was again busy writing in her black and golden diary which she had maintained since long.One would often find her sitting near the window of her study gazing outside into the blues of the sky then back into the light pink pages.

“Hey girl….!! “I patted her back. “What’s your secret diary stuff today ? ” she smiled as she looked up. Her pretty black eyes glittering from behind those pink round glasses.”Shall tell you someday ” The diary went back into the drawer. A month passed.

I was standing at my balcony sipping a cup of hot ginger tea…my favorite beverage especially when I am back home after a tiring day at work. I could see her crossing the road. Oh she was opening the gate of my compound. “Howdie !! Forgot your way home ?” I shouted as I turned to descend the steps. Wait !! I turned back at her in surprise….what she carried in her hand was the same black and golden one that was for me a total know know thing.

We were sitting in our living room I herriedly turned the pages before she could snatch her most priced possession back. Oh !! They were letters. Addressed to Almighty. One for each time she thought it was hard to handle. “I am your bestie I thought” “yes you are !! Hence showing it. These pages have kept me going through the thick and thin of life. I started writing two years back. And believe me it’s not a bad idea.

I was amazed at her approach of addressing God as love !! At first I thought she must be an ardent believer but what I read in the following pages gave me no less than goosebumps!! She was actually hallucinating about dating one !! “You mean you are serious !!”I asked amazed. ” Yes of course !! And guess what ? He comes to meet me and we meet in our terrace. We met yesterday also.”                                                I remember about her past affair where she used to meet the guy at night on her terrace. But that was quite some time back. They had soon parted ways. Then whose the new catch ?? We were best of friends and I deserved to know. “Can I meet him?” I asked. She looked joyously at me ” Oh of course !! He wants to meet you as well !! Actually it was his wish to tell you about it all when yesterday night I told him about you. So tonight it is!

I shivered a bit while ascending the steps of her terrace. Her parents had asked us not to chit chat too long while they were away to relative’s. It was dark and cold. The December sky was misty but beautiful. She was looking lovely as always but a little extra makeup today perhaps to impress her new one!! We stood at a corner looking down at the barren Street. “So !! You’re sure he is coming?” She didn’t seem interested. She continued to look at the road. ” does God take the road to meet you?” I laughed . What’s with this hallucination thing I thought. It’s time my friend needed some medical aid. And suddenly no where from  the mist we saw a light in the sky. It’s him !! She said softly. He has come. I widened my eyes as much as I could. What followed was a dazzling scene of meteor shower. I couldn’t take of my eyes from this heavenly scene. And when I saw my friend she stood smiling. ” yesterday he came as a shooting star. Today he brought his besties along as I was bringing you. Here at this corner of my terrace I find peace. I find rest and solace. Here at this corner of my terrace I find answers….I find me….!! ”