Learning from all

If life’s a school then experience has to be the teacher. Everyone has something or the other to learn from his experience. But wise are those who learn from others experience. Hence it is important to socialize. Developing the habit of reading is yet another thing to do. The more we read the more we learn. It is only with time that a person develops rational thinking and maturity. The more we confine ourselves to our own thought and belief we close the door to knowledge and growth. No one is always correct in the same way as no one is always wrong. It is just that he thinks differently. But what appears 6 to us may well appear 9 to someone else.

There will always be critics. There will always be people we don’t like. But even criticism is an opportunity to improve ourselves. Hence it should be taken positively.

We have the habit of cutting off from a relationship if we feel that the other person is negative about us. Here it is important to stay in touch and continue communication especially in case of relatives. We are in the relationship not for the negativity but for our personal growth. If we find something that we can work on and improve we should go for it. For the more we try to avoid relations the more lonely we become.

Something or the other can be learnt from everyone and everything. People or situations. Difficult situations come to test us but also to teach us for the future. Possessing the right attitude is important !!