Two prayers

Meera’s eyes were red partly due to crying and rest being sleep deprived nursing her granny. Sitting outside the cancer ward she closed her eyes. Her childhood flashed before her. She had admired granny’s indomitable will since childhood. Now at 75 she was in unbearable pain. Still giving a tough fight to cancer.

Suddenly she heard a child crying. The child sat on the opposite bench. Her mother was inside the ward, unconscious and not responding to treatment. As Meera consoled her , fear dawned her eyes. “I don’t want to lose my Mom” the child cried. ” You won’t” assured Meera.

As they both joined their hands in prayer they felt the silence spread around the wards and occasional beep sounds of medical instruments. Meera prayed to God to have mercy on the child and her mother. She also prayed to God to relieve Granny from her pain.

That night granny passed away. As she breathed her last Meera saw a strange smile on Granny’s face as though she was no more in pain. Next morning outside the ward she saw the same child smiling. Happily she hugged Meera and said ” Mom is now responding to treatment. God heard my prayer and yours?”

” Mine too!! Both of them!!” A drop of tear rolled down Meera’s eye.


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