Praises of victory



She is standing on the top today

Gifts and praises all her way

She is a role model people say

Close to her they choose to stay…..


She is a winner now to every eye

But no one makes out somehow why

That charming,glowing,smiling face

Also has two gloomy eyes….


The road uphill was never straight

And often when she kept awake

No one ever lent a hand

Or tried to take a friendly stand….


She knew alone

She had to walk

In times of need

She was her rock…..


She had laughed and she had cried

She had spoken all through night

But she always spoke to herself

When the chair stood vacant on the other side…..


The ones who share only your joys

Only your victory, only the good

The ones who would leave your side

As though they had never stood


To them now she fakes a smile

A genuine one is just futile…..





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