A traveller’s tale

Travel destination

There was once a traveller

Though young but sad

Some questions from life

Somehow he had….

As dusk drew in he lost his way

And losing his sight he went astray

Cursing the dark with the onset of fright

If there was something to do he thought he might

But darkness had taken his vision away

And had left him alone with deep dismay…..

As aimlessly he walked hither and tither

An old man he found carrying a pitcher

He was heading to the river that ran not far

The young man was wrong to think that help lay afar…..

To the river they went conversing all way

The young man spoke out his cause of dismay

On reaching the river the old man asked him

What do you see in the water?

A thought crossed him….

I see reflection of the moon

The young man replied

That’s the beauty of night

Said the old man with a smile

As in darkness water gives reflection of the moon

Our problems in life reflect our strengths

We see later or soon…..

When black turned grey hair finally gives way to baldness

In the end we grow accustomed to darkness…..!!

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  1. It is fascinating to see how so many contributors have taken on the theme of aging πŸ˜€ I don’t know if I’m technically correct, but this started like a ballad, then changed course.

    Thanks for joining in!

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