Harsh Reality #CarrotRanch #3TC


One morning, as I was taking my car out of the Garage, I heard a pleasant sound of flute been played. I could find no one in close vicinity. Mesmerized at the sound, I drove down the valley. The music of the flute was like a beautifully cascaded flowing river. After driving some distance, I found an old man playing the flute and begging alms. A crowd had gathered around. When suddenly he started coughing, the crowd dispersed. Panicked, he again picked up the flute and somehow managed to play. “Beggars cant be choosers“, I thought sympathetically.

Word Count: 98 words.

This post has been written in response to Carrot Ranch using the Phrase ” Beggars can’t be choosers” and also in response to 3TC challenge PL 57 using the words “flute”, “valley”and “garage”.



    • Yaah Miriam. Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting. You know that’s the harsh reality today that people abandon when they find that it is of no use to them. Bitter truth.


  1. This story tells me of the beauty of the music, how we neglect the fact that even though life is about living through hardwork, but when it comes to happiness and inner joy, music and art is what we turn to. Because that’s what sustains life, happiness.
    Harsh reality is we are so lost after catching up with time that we neglect the beauty in the world.
    Really great write-up in so less words.

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