The Ball of Destiny #Sunday Photo Fiction


Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding


” Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.” – Laurel Bacall

The ball of destiny is tied above us and we are placed below. It is plain white and awaits vibrant colors of life. It rests on the tower of “Karma”.

We shall ignite it with our energy and efforts and it turns into a hot air balloon rising slowly up. Up in the sky of dreams and aspirations. As it floats up, slowly different colors of life start filling in, painting the ball of destiny according to our karma. Our efforts, our energies and our aspirations make us fly.

Elizabeth told her grandchildren Liza and Daniel as they passed along an electromagnetic radio tower. One pleasant evening during their routine evening strolls. The children were mesmerized at their granny’s story. Little Daniel asked granny if fighting with Liza was affecting his karma in a negative way. Granny smiled as she understood that the children had grasped the lesson she intended to teach them.

Word Count: 163 words

This is my entry to this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction.

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  1. Everyone has his priorities right. For Daniel how much he could annoy Liza without affecting his karma. While Grandmother was thinking of uplifting society.


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