Managing efficiently # Sunday Photo Fiction



Photo Credit: Reena Saxena

Though it was a sultry morning, Priya made herself the second cup of tea. She needed to keep going, even though exhausted. Struggling with her new assignment, she knew she had to give it her best.

As the Senior Manager of a leading company, nothing less was expected from her. Management knew that she was the best choice to lead this new project. Working from home today, Priya studied the presentation once more, sipping her tea. Her cellphone alarm reminded her that she had to pick her six year old from the summer camp. As her domestic help was on leave today, she had to work from home.

She loved both her roles: a mother and an executive. She quickly finished her tea, took her keys and drove. She had prepared Kavya’s favourite lunch today, something she missed doing because of her job. Suddenly her car broke down and she could not wait for a mechanic as she was getting late. She managed to get a rickshaw to collect Kavya from the camp.

She reached just in time to find Kavya waiting. When her husband called in to check on them, she smiled and told that Everything is Fine.


© Rupali 2019

Word Count: 200 words

Thank you Susan for the Sunday Photo Fiction – April 28, 2019


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