Women and Motherhood

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It’s astounding how manifold roles a woman can play in her lifetime skilfully managing each one. The significance of women in any society highlights it’s basic structure. As a mother, she is a child’s first friend, teacher and support. A child is a like a wet clay and mother is the first one to give it shape. Her powerful role in the building blocks of a child’s growing years cannot be denied. Children learn what they see. So apart from being caring, loving and protective, being strict with children is also required. It is a challenging task to be a role model for children.

In our society, housewives are often looked down upon. But their paramount role cannot be neglected. The values imbibed in a child is first through a mother and later everyone else.

Present day mothers choose to stay independent and our mostly career women. It further multiples their responsibilities and challenges. In managing home and profession together a child’s physical and psychological needs cannot be overlooked. Many children who are kept in creche while their mothers are out working are seen becoming misbehaved and arrogant. Sometimes they even develop psychological issues. Children also face bullying in school, peer pressure and sometimes even separation anxiety which they are unable to communicate to parents. Here a mother’s role is most challenging. Taking out time from busy schedule and lending patient ears to a child’s needs, feelings and demands become important. A child is most comfortable and feels the safest with his mother. Hence she plays a strong role here.

In the present age, child abuse and crimes with and by children have become common. Children at times feel reluctant to convey it to parents. Here a mother appears in the scene as a child’s best friend and secret keeper.

An educated, independent, strong mother who understands the psychological needs of a child is an asset to a child. Every child is different and different is the role of every mother. Not just confined to giving birth and correct upbringing, a mother is the most important person in a child’s life.

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  1. I totally agree with all of this. My mother hasn’t spoken to me on over a decade now. Her choice. Growing up with an emotionally abusive mother was tough—but I guess it made me tougher. And it’s why I write 🙃

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  2. Very true!
    I like these words of wisdom, “An educated, independent, strong mother who understands the psychological needs of a child is an asset to a child.”

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  3. When I was raising my children I had to work out of necessity. When my third child came along, I was able to stay home for a few years until once again, the necessity of the extra paycheck came knocking. At that time, I realized that going to work was way easier than staying at home. It’s a hard job raising kids. Being with children requires full attention at all times.

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  4. It is this reason why we believe that teaching a girl child means teaching a whole lot of generation cause she, through her different roles, always tries to bring out the best from the other person and instills good values for the betterment of the future generations apart from focussing the on academic areas .She is capable of doing anything and everything on her own. We have a lot many good reasons for being proud of who we are. Isn’t it Rupali?😀

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