Salute to a Mother # Mother’sday

” जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी

Mother and motherland are mightier than the heavens above !!

” Ma ” is the first word a child ever learns and it becomes the most powerful and most meaningful word of his life.

A woman becomes a mother the first day she starts to expect. From that day her world changes. Her every action, every thought, every breath is governed by the well being of that little embryo deep down her belly which grows bit by bit every day. The roller coaster journey of 9 long months becomes the most special time of a woman’s life and then the labor and its unbearable excruciating pain and suffering almost taking her breath away to finally giving way to the joy of birth, the miracle of life.

But giving life is just the beginning. The right upbringing and instilling of values in a child makes a mother the heart and soul of the family. Children often upon entering teen age start finding faults with their mother’s personalities, interferences and strictness. Here a mother’s role changes from a parent to that of a best friend.

In our society, it is a common practice for girls to leave their family post marriage which they have to accept bitterly but for boys leaving their parents is either due to job priorities or sometimes due to inability of the new bride to adjust with a new family. A mother’s role expands even more after the marriage of her son, accepting a new member in the family, giving her love and support, sharing household responsibilities, giving space and maturedly giving way to change requires lot of time and efforts but it is important to understand that though there might be stress in new marriages, but eventually things settle and the lady of the house, the mother plays a lion’s share in this challenging task. It is important to realise that the mother is growing old and she needs her children as her children needed her when they were young.

A mother is a child’s teacher, best friend, well wisher, philosopher and guide. Paying back her life long debts is impossible in just one birth but doing small things to bring a smile on her face is absolute easy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all !!!


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