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Hello friends. As I had started a story series of Fiction and Suspense and posted the 1st Part last week. This week I am continuing the story. Hope you will all love to follow. Please read and provide your valuable suggestions.

For those who have not read the 1st part, the link is as follows:

Dona – Part 1


Chapter 2: Horror Stricken

Subeer stood stunned and still unable to cope with his horror. The roof appeared to spin and fall on him as though a major earthquake had just hit. He was almost out of his senses when Mr Bagchi shook him and asked to move Dona immediately to a nearby hospital. He almost dragged Subeer out of the room so that the two women could dress Dona up. Rama then offered to get a wheelchair to take Dona downstairs.

” Can you drive in this state? It is better that I ask my driver to bring our car to your tower portico.” Mr. Bagchi asked a traumatic Subeer. But before he could come back to his senses and decide Dona’s mobile rang in the adjoining room. He rushed to answer the phone and found to his surprise that the room was in a mess as though a tussle had took place. However he decided to receive the call and found out from the caller ID that it was Aditi, Dona’s bestie who was calling her.

He picked up the call and it was Aditi who asked for Dona and said that the last time she had called she heard a heated argument between Dona and the maid. Dona had then said that she would call Aditi back after some time and she had not called back yet. She wanted to know if everything was fine. Subeer ran to check for Rama in the other rooms, but could not find her. Subeer then told Aditi that she was busy and would call her back eventually. He asked Mrs Bagchi who had just managed to dress Dona, ” Where is Rama?”. Mrs Bagchi said that she had to gone to get a wheelchair to transport Dona to the ground floor for carrying her to the hospital.

He then dialled Rama’s number and found it to be switched off. Subeer was starting to get suspicious of Rama. Mr. Bagchi asked Subeer not to waste time and rush Dona to a hospital first. Subeer lifted Dona up in his arms and carried her through the lift downstairs where Mr Bagchi’s car was waiting and the driver had opened the back seat for placing Dona. Mrs Bagchi decided to stay back and wait for Rama to return. Subeer asked Mrs Bagchi to call the other flats and the entrance guards to check about Rama’s whereabouts. Subeer and Mr Bagchi drove off to the hospital.


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To be continued next weekend.

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