For how long ? #poem# Reena’s exploration challenge 113

pexels-photo-133170How long shall we abstain ourselves

From doing what the heart desires

When we want to flow where the winds lead

We hold us back fearing denial !!

If acceptance is all we seek

Acceptance of society

Acceptance at work

Acceptance in peer

Or acceptance of world !!

Where does it lead us to ?

And does it feed our soul?

If all life what we do

Is try to fit into our role !!

For how long shall we stay

Behind the same old smiling face?

Hiding our selves, our sorrow

Searching relief in some bright tomorrow!!

When shall we open our fingers

That tightly held back our dreams?

And let our imaginations flow

Like a gushing silver stream


This is in response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge 113



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